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The Future of Driver Training

The Apex Virtual Vehicle© (AVV) was designed to fill the dangerous skill gap between having a driver’s license and preventing crashes on today’s challenging roads. Our AVV training technology provides both novice and veteran drivers with a safe, hands-on driving experience while receiving expert coaching and evaluation.


Apex has successfully trained over 12,000 drivers – as well as creating hundreds of training programs for an array of driving abilities and vehicles. We used this expertise to build the AVV, which features a unique cockpit that moves away from gaming or research-based models to one specifically built for driver training. Our software breaks down the science of crash prevention into individual techniques, which are isolated and practiced until muscle memory and competence are achieved, then assimilates these skills into various driving environments to develop safe driving habits.


Apex Virtual Vehicle Features and Benefits

  • Safe, controlled learning environment
  • Expert coaching, feedback and evaluation
  • Deliberate practice of safe driving techniques
  • Training objectives are high level skill and situational awareness
  • Wide range of environments, hazards, and challenges
  • Drivers move from mere knowledge of safe driving to hands-on application
  • Highlight safety awareness with mobile devices, multitasking, and impairment
  • Vehicle options include passenger car, bus, and truck, with either manual or automatic transmission
  • Objective metrics and monitoring of strengths, weaknesses, and progress
  • Fully customizable cockpit, software, and evaluation metrics
  • Extensive training and support for instructors, safety trainers, and managers
  • Controlled repetition achieves training objective much faster at a lower cost, with ratios as high as 1-hour in the AVV equaling 4-hours of on-the-road training
  • High ROI (Return on Instruction) with training in a driving simulator similar to the AVV reducing crash rates by 67% for novice drivers and 32% for fleet drivers


Our AVV redefines driver training. This same technology and deliberate practice is used with great success to train pilots, emergency, and military personnel. We help your family or organization improve driving skill, prevent crashes, and protect lives!




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