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Foundational Training for Student Drivers and Parents

A proven driver training supplement that will help your daughter or son become a skilled driver!


It’s impossible for new drivers to drive in a skilled, safe manner unless they learn the techniques which support proficient driving. In the simplest terms; if they don’t know, they will struggle to do!  And to be a struggling, inexperienced driver on today’s roads is an extremely vulnerable position to be in.


In our self-paced online program, your student will learn the proven skilled driving system we’ve successfully used with over 4,000 new drivers.


Watch this video to assess their current knowledge and road craft!




Training Elements:


The Extra Mile: Skilled Driving Tutorials”  are composed of the following topics and videos:

  • Meet Trish & Program Introduction – Learn more about Trish’s racing & teaching background; How to use the program for maximum benefit and learning.
  • Stages of Good Driver Development & Writing a Family Driving Agreement – Help with drafting an effective, proactive agreement; Setting the proper foundation and expectations with your teen driver.
  • How to Coach a New Driver – Proven co-pilot techniques, you should not practice driving without these plus learn the correct progression of skills such as heavy traffic, rain, interstates, etc…
  • Proper Seat, Mirrors, Hand & Feet Positioning – Simple ways to avoid problems with steering, braking, turning and speed control.
  • Steering Techniques – Important practice driving Do’s and Don’ts; What a new driver must know to stay centered in their lane.
  • Braking Techniques – Steps to make smooth, controlled stops; Understand stopping distance and how to prevent rear end crashes; Mobile device distractions and driving ability.
  • Turning / Cornering Techniques – Proper speed and vehicle control while cornering; Prevent close calls when practice driving.
  • Speed Control – Learn how speed affects visibility, stopping distance and car control; What to do if your student drives too slow or too fast; Understanding the danger of speeding.
  • Following Distance & Lane Changes – Checking following distance, it’s not car lengths; Dangers of tailgating and reducing the risk if you’re tailgated; Steps for safe lane changes.
  • Intersections, Right-of-Ways & Defensive Driving – Learn proper vocabulary, steps and yields at intersections; Reduce the risk of vehicles pulling out or turning in front of you.
  • Interstate Driving – Easy steps to safely enter, drive on and exit the interstate.


The complete program includes over 3 hours of expert level instruction but each video is short so large time commitments aren’t required.  Students can watch videos as many times as necessary until they’re competent with that skill.


Plus each tutorial includes coaching tips for parents that greatly reduce practice driving stress and increase driving skill.

To receive one year of unlimited access to the complete program click on the Buy Now button.


After your purchase an exclusive member login code will be e-mailed directly to you to view the videos.

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