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The Safest Approach to Drivers Training

Apex offers an improved alternative to traditional drivers education at our Jacksonville, Florida Center.         The innovative Apex Virtual Vehicle© provides a safe, hands-on learning environment, allowing our students to develop crash prevention skills. We give them the driving skills and confidence they need to face the road!


The instruction is personalized for each student and integrates the family, allowing us to facilitate a complete training plan and correct unsafe practices if necessary. Additionally, our programs are designed for students in all stages of the learning to drive process; pre-permit, permit, and newly licensed.

We provide invaluable training and guidance for families who:

  • Want to help their student become a responsible, safe driver
  • Are concerned traditional drivers education will not be a good fit
  • Have a student driver struggling or reluctant to practice drive
  • Have a licensed driver who is not confident or comfortable driving


Apex Virtual Vehicle Training Sessions

Apex built the nation’s first Virtual Vehicle to improve driving skill and prevent crashes! To achieve this, drivers must control high tech vehicles while sharing congested roads with an increasing number of dangerous, irresponsible drivers. There have been significant changes for drivers over the past 60 years but NO improvement with how they’re trained. Learn more…


Driving the AVV allows students to practice dynamic and potentially dangerous scenarios in a controlled environment. The AVV is the perfect combination of safe, solo driving with expert coaching, and private sessions allow us to customize the training for each student.


Students progress in their Apex C.A.R.S. skills of Control, Awareness, Road Craft, and Space Management in a wide variety of roads, driving environments, emergencies, and conditions including night, fog, rain, and snow as well as other drivers’s mistakes.


With our AVV training new drivers have an opportunity to pause and analyze situations, raising their awareness and skills, then drive it again to integrate the feedback. Unlike on-the-road driving, the student can think and process the information in a low-stress environment, increasing their ability to learn and improve.


At Apex, we help students develop the mindset and advanced skills needed to drive responsibly and prevent crashes. This requires expert instruction and deliberate practice that exceeds the minimal skill needed to drive around the block and pass a state test.


This hands-on training works! Student drivers who trained in a driving simulator, similar to the Apex Virtual Vehicle, reduced their crash rates by 67% compared to the general teen driver population.


Extra Mile — Online Driving Tutorials

Our online tutorials offer more than three hours of professional, advanced driver training presented in short videos for quick and easy viewing. They also include practice driving tips for parents. Learn more…

Florida Permit Exam Prep Course

This class provides the foundational knowledge as well as a practice test to help student’s pass the Florida Driver’s Permit Exam.


Coaching and Guidance

Apex helps your family achieve the most successful outcome by providing resources for parents including: family driving agreement, assistance with license process, practice driving guidance and much more.



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