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Redefining Driver Training


The traditional approach to driver training is over 60 years old and failing! The crash statistics, some of the worst in the world, are the cost of our low driving standard.


  • Record high 27% of high school seniors do not have a license.
  • Each day 110 people die in car crashes…
    • 13 of these involve young drivers.
  • 12,603 people suffer life altering injuries every day.
  • Cost of $1 Billion per day!



Apex Virtual Vehicle Training

Apex offers an innovative driver training program at our Jacksonville, Florida center. We designed and built the nation’s first Virtual Vehicle to provide a safe, hands-on learning experience for new drivers. Our AVV training program bridges two significant gaps for students; confidently moving from the online course to on-the-road driving while deliberately moving from the “basic skills” required for a license to the “advanced skills” required for safety!


We provide invaluable training and guidance for families who:

  • Want a higher standard of driving and safety for their student
  • Have a student reluctant or nervous to practice drive
  • Are concerned traditional drivers education will not be a good fit
  • Have a licensed driver who’s been involved in a crash or not confident driving


Driving the Apex Virtual Vehicle© allows students to practice dangerous situations in a controlled environment while receiving expert instruction. During AVV sessions, the student can pause and analyze their response to real-world scenarios, raising their situational awareness and skill. The instruction is personalized, so we can facilitate a comprehensive training plan for each student.


AVV training, unlike on-the-road driving, has no “brain overload” allowing students to process information at their own pace, greatly increasing their skill and knowledge.

This same technology and deliberate practice is used with great success to train pilots, and it works for new drivers, reducing their crash rates by 67%!


“I cannot tell you how much peace of mind I received and the confidence my daughter received by the time she completed the Apex driving classes. Not only was it money well spent but in my opinion, it was the best monetary investment I have ever made.  After all, you can’t put a price tag on your child’s safety and life!”   Crystal, Parent


New Enrollments are Limited, Download our Training Package Information and Contact Us at 904-891-3646


Innovative, Advanced Driver Coaching

Apex founder, Trish Johnson, has personally coached over 12,000 drivers in a wide range of abilities, vehicles, and driving environments. From the novice reluctant to start driving to the senior unwilling to stop; from small business employees to Fortune 100 executives.


We’ve used this vast experience and success to create innovative advanced driving programs.

Each program is tailored to the experience, goals and objectives of your family or organization, and available nationwide.

Contact Trish at (904) 891-3646 to learn more about:

  • Presentations and Seminars
  • Private On-the-Road Coaching and Evaluations


“As a Behavior Analyst working with students, I’m thrilled to have Apex Resource Center as a community partner in helping our families receive thorough and well rounded driving training. Trish is so skilled and talented in teaching our children how to be safe!”   Dr Catherine Simms, CEO, Florida Children’s Institute


“On behalf of the Alcoa-Detroit Sales Office, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Trish for the excellent defensive driving training that was provided. It was greatly appreciated! I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding this safety session from the various participants. Trish did a simply outstanding job, and ought to be congratulated. I understand the importance of competitive advantages, and I would have to say that Trish certainly is one, ie secret weapon!”    Jon / Alcoa-NAE-Automotive


Extra Mile — Online Driving Tutorials

Our online tutorials offer more than three hours of professional, advanced driver training presented in short videos for quick and easy viewing. They also include practice driving tips for parents. Learn more…

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