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What safe driving programs have you put in place to ensure your employees have the knowledge, skills and motivation to prevent a catastrophic crash? 

Key areas include:

  • Mobile device use while driving
    • Especially important if you provide or reimburse these devices
  • Aggressive driving and road rage
  • Company policy on alcohol and driving during social or off-hours situations
  • Safe driving as a part of the wellness program

You are responsible and liable if employees conduct any work-related driving, whether they drive a company-owned vehicle or their own car.  My unique background & expertise allows me to create and coach effective programs which define clear expectations and set a higher driving standard for your team. 

What’s the return on investment for a driver safety program?

  • Protecting the team, your most valuable resource by reducing their driving risk  
  • On & off-the-job crashes cost US employers over 86 billion dollars each year
  • Employer cost per injury is $150,000
  • Off-the-job crashes with employees and their dependents cost employers over 37 billion dollars annually
    • Crashes have financial impact to all companies, even those without on-the-job driving
    • Prevention is the only way to lower health-care costs without cutting benefits, vehicle crashes contribute to these rising costs
  • On average 90% of all crashes are preventable; they’re caused by driver error so the right program will reduce your operating costs

I offer the following business programs:

  • Create and Facilitate training sessions with crash prevention skills including distracted driving
  • Review current driver safety programs
  • Write and implement company driving policies 
  • Develop and facilitate coaching to support policies and programs

Contact us for a free driving program assessment.


“On behalf of the Alcoa-Detroit Sales Office, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Trish for the excellent defensive driving training that was provided last Friday.  It was greatly appreciated!  I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding this safety session from the various participants.

Trish did a simply outstanding job, and ought to be congratulated.  I understand the importance of competitive advantages, and I would have to say that Trish certainly is one, ie secret weapon!”

J.B.  /  International Account Manager  /  Alcoa-NAE-Automotive

“I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” on behalf of the staff for the informative training that you provided to us here at MBC Technologies, Inc.  All of our employees came away from this training session with a lot more knowledge on how to prevent accidents, avoid dangerous situations and to operate a motor vehicle in a much safer manner.  Whether it be their personal vehicle or our company vehicles.  I know we will all apply what you taught us to our driving techniques.

 Thank you again for such a great seminar and please know that we were all positively affected by your seminar.”

 C.H.  /  MBC Technologies Inc.

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