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Trish Johnson

I’m Trish Johnson, Founder and President of the Apex Resource Center.

I’ve dedicated my career to improving driving skill and it began in a race car when I was just 9 years old.

I grew up dreaming of winning the Indy 500 and went on to enjoy a successful racing career in pursuit of that goal.


But when a young crew member on the race team was killed in a highway crash, I found myself at a professional crossroad. I knew all forms of transportation had inherent risk, but I also knew his “driver preparation” was deficient.


We put teenagers on the road with minimal skills and experience and hope they survive the “learning process.” And like too many, my young friend didn’t get a chance to learn from his mistakes.


So after a great deal of discernment, I decided to hang up my racing helmet and shift my abilities and attention from my own racing career to empowering drivers with the mindset, knowledge and techniques needed for skilled driving.


My conviction was further strengthened when my cousin, singer Rich Mullins, was killed in a crash.


I seriously considered walking away from driver training, then I realized in a much deeper way, skilled driving is a critical life skill.  Rich was 41 years old when he died; he’d survived the “teen driving years,” but that was no solace to his family, friends and fans.


So I was even more determined to improve driver training and spare others from receiving this devastating news.


My pursuit of excellence for the past three decades led to my diverse experiences including:


  1. My unique background of racing and driver training enables me to analyze, improve and design innovative driving programs. And my personal conviction fuels my drive to improve skill and safety!
  2. Working with more than 12,000 drivers.
  3. All skill levels from novice to professional
  4. Classroom, online, by phone, private sessions, in-vehicle and speaking engagements
  5. Driving environments from on-the-road with a new driver to high performance driving on a closed-circuit at high speeds
  6. A wide-spectrum of clients, including teenagers, parents, adults of all ages and abilities, driving instructors, executives at Fortune 100 companies and race drivers


If you want the best driver education available for yourself, your teenager, organization or employees contact me at trish.johnson@apexresourcecenter.com.

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