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About the Apex Resource Center and Founder, Trish Johnson


The Apex Resource Center is dedicated to helping families and organizations, providing the resources and training they need for a higher standard of driving and safety.

For the past three decades, Trish Johnson, has combined her unique driving expertise and passion for safer roads, to craft and deliver advanced techniques and programs not available to most drivers.





 What’s most important is what others say about us!


“My son took traditional drivers training but refused to drive, he felt unprepared! I was amazed at the confidence he had going through Trish’s course, best decision we’ve ever made!  Tracy, Parent


“The training was very beneficial, I could relate to what Trish was discussing. Her example of “rolling turn on red” is something I do all the time. So now I realize I’ve probably been lucky instead of good.  Whatever the answer, I need to become a more conscientious driver.”  Tim, Employee Driver Safety Participant  


“I was stressed about my daughter driving but once she completed the Apex program I had peace of mind, best investment I’ve ever made!”  Crystal, Parent


“Trish came to the office to train our staff, we drive quite a bit. We all learned so much with the training, and are much more aware and proactive in our choices on the road. Thankful to have Trish and Apex as a business resource!”  Dr Catherine Simms, CEO / Florida Children’s Institute


“Trish is a former race driver with a ton of experience, I liked how she taught technical aspects of driving while making sure students understand how to be defensive and stay safe!  Liz, Parent


“Trish is amazing, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to get behind the wheel. Without her program, I would probably not have started to drive.”  Sarah, Student


“For a parent who wants their child to build confidence and be safe while receiving superb, encouraging driver coaching, call Apex!”  Linda, Parent


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         7235 Bonneval Road
         Suite 411
         Jacksonville, FL 32256
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  • info@apexresourcecenter.com

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Driven to Improve Skill and Safety.™

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