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What is Apex Resource Center?

Apex is a collaboration of people who’ve made it their mission to improve driving skill and protect lives!           Our innovative programs bridge the dangerous skill gap between having a driver’s license and preventing crashes on today’s challenging roads. We provide invaluable training, products, support, and guidance for your family, business, organization, school or community.



About the Founder: Trish Johnson

Many people are forced to accept the loss of friends and family from tragic vehicle crashes, including our very own Trish Johnson. Hear the inspirational story that sparked a cultural movement for changing the traditional approach to drivers training.


 What’s most important is what others say about us!



“Amber is smart, talented and brave. She can stand stage front and perform to a sold out crowd with confidence and poise but for reasons we could not understand she was never comfortable with driving.  Even after taking the Driver’s Ed Course, she was completely paralyzed with fear. A fear that went beyond what we as her parents could handle. Trish and Apex Resource Center was a true God send. She rescued all of us by completely eliminating the “Fear Factor.  Trish was calmly able to breakthrough my daughter’s emotional fear barrier to where she could logically be coached into safe driving in a non-threatening environment on the Virtual Vehicle. Apex, makes total sense. Instruct where there is no risk of physical damage to your child, your car or another human.”       Paulette W. / Parent


“Trish came out to the office to do a driving training with our staff. We drive to and from schools quite a bit, and I wanted my staff to be as safe as possible. We all learned so much with the training, and we are all much more aware of the dangers of driving and how to be proactive in our choices while on the road. So thankful to have Trish and Apex Resource Center as a business resource!”       Dr Catherine Simms, CEO / Florida Children’s Institute


“As a pastor, I have officiated at far too many funerals of lives that were cut short in avoidable vehicle crashes to just sit idly by and not do something. Apex is an answer to prayer that save lives! As a counselor, I interact with persons who are very unique, with different skills, strengths, limitations and goals. The Apex system provides training in such an individualized way that each driver or student has the opportunity to achieve their goals.  Safe driving, for any person, is not only the goal, but the means to a fulfilling and productive life.  As a parent, I realized that we have many more licensed drivers than safe drivers.  The Apex program closes the gap and creates safe, responsible and conscientious drivers.”       Mike Guiswite / Behavioral Specialist and Pastor

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About Apex

Driven to Improve Skill and Safety.™

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