Introducing the World’s First Virtual Vehicle…

First Coast Drivers’ Training Shifts into High Gear with Apex

slash logoProfessional drivers spend many hours in sophisticated, full-motion vehicle simulators developing their skills. The training fully engages the driver: it’s exciting, hi-techactually coolpreparation that’s focused and proven.

Have you heard any drivers’ ed program described that way…ever? Soon you will.

Apex Resource Center, founded by former racer Trish Johnson, is working with racing and simulation industry developers to create the world’s first virtual vehicle. And it’s coming only to Jacksonville in September. 



The Apex Virtual Vehicle (AVV) will be:

Apex built its name on the foundation of skillful, safe driving using the Web, online videos and personal coaching from Trish; you can click here to learn more about these services. But like most racers, Trish is driven to keep improving. Now that drive is building the new Apex Resource Center, featuring the world’s first state-of-the-art virtual vehicle.

Want to be one of the first to drive the AVV? Contact us now and check back here often for news and updates.

Safe, adept driving: so many lives depend on it…so few teach it.  We do. We’re Apex and we’re Driven…to Improve Skill and Safety.™

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