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Welcome to 21st Century Driver Training

A Driver’s License Does Not = Skill and Safety!

Proficient driving is a science with significant impact on the quality of life for individuals, families and the community. 

Apex Resource Center is dedicated to developing safe, skilled drivers by offering training programs that are:

  • Value Add: Proven supplement to traditional driver education.
  • Advanced: Knowledge and techniques that go beyond the minimal skill required to obtain a drivers license.
  • Comprehensive: Improving human performance and behavior involves more than knowledge and skills. Our programs also include decision making, risk tolerance and motivation.
  • Effective: Decreased crash risk from increased knowledge, skill and focus. We keep our curriculum enjoyable to maintain high engagement.

Our state-of-the-art Apex Virtual Vehicle combined with founder Trish Johnson’s three decades of driver training provides the ideal combination to reframe the mindset and improve the skill of drivers in your life.

Use this site as a resource and contact us for more information. We offer a variety of training, all to help ensure the safety of you and others while behind the wheel.

Safe, skilled driving: so many lives depend on it…so few teach it. We do. We’re Apex and we’re Driven…to Improve Skill and Safety.™

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